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Toddler Class (2.5-3.5YO)

Tuesday/Thursday Mornings

Class will focus on language development, socialization and development of friendships.  We will also begin seated activities, utilizing fine motor skills, counting and name recognition.

Preschool Class (3-4 YO) 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Mornings 

This class is ideal for 1st and/or 2nd year preschoolers who are 3 and older.  Students will focus on fine motor skills, tracing, beginning math, name practicing, colors, shapes, science, friendship building skills and self confidence.  Beginning meditation with a strong focus on understanding ou feelings.

               DAILY  SCHEDULE

9-9:30 ~ Drop Off/Free Play

9:30-10 ~ Letter/Number Activities or Art

10-10:20 ~ Snack

10:20-10:40 ~ Outside Free  Play

10:40-11 ~ Group Activities 

11-11:30 ~ Circle Time

PreKindergarten Class (must be 4 by Sept 1st)

Monday-Thursday Afternoons

Open only students who are 4 and olde.  PreKindergarten Class will provide Kindergarten readiness.  Students will work on letter recognition and sounds, math, continued fine motor skills development, science, friendship tools, self reliance and self confidence. Continued mediation with a better understanding of tools to help self regulate our feelings.


                      DAILY  SCHEDULE

               DAILY  SCHEDULE

12-12:30 ~ Drop Off/Free Play

12:30-1 ~ Letter/Number Activities or Art

1-1:20 ~ Snack

1:20-1:50 ~ Outside Free  Play

1:50-2:20 ~ Group Activities 

2:20-3 ~ Circle Time


               *Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up*


Before/after school care available (not to exceed 4 hours a day). Please inquire for special scheduling needs.

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